Monday, July 20, 2009

knee update.

well, three days since i tweaked the knee and not much has changed.

went for a long walk yesterday and the knee was solid, except for climbing stairs, where i experienced intermitant pain as i climbed.

this week will be one of waiting for the climbing pain to dissipate so that i can begin to directly work the leg muscles again.

in the meantime i will do the stiff-legged deadlifts and ride the bike moderately.

i have seen no diminishing of the muscle around the knee which is usually indicative of more serious damage to the ligaments of the knee and i`ve been able to walk on the flat without discomfort at all and ride the bike with only minor discomfort.

all going well i should be on the pitch again in a month.

fingers crossed.


Grant said...

If you had good old American healthcare, you would be in some kind of treatment center at least once a week receiving such nuggets of wisdom such as "stay off the leg" followed by "do more exercise, wuss" followed by "we need to amputate".

dr.alistair said...

the only thing i really would like is an mri so that i could tell with certainty what had happened and what i could expect.

i would get those same nuggets of wisdom from a canadian gp...and also the ever popular, "you might want to consider not playing soccer again'.

i always like hearing that.

i was considering dressing up like a horse and getting an mri from guelph universities agricultural facility...otherwise it`ll be six months or longer.

obama wants you guys to have healthcare like ours, run by the government, so that you don`t have to pay for your own.

did you know that most large companies give thier employees health benefits in canada.

why, if the government`s is so good?