Wednesday, January 06, 2010


....but when i first saw that greenforce had aquired that boat i had a feeling that this would happen.

now, there are those who say that sea shepherd conservation society isn`t greenpeace, but come on people.....


why else would you want a carbon fibre boat guys?

this isn`t about saving whales, this is about some deep-seated psycholocial sinkhole these people have fallen into and now they are literally swimming in shit.

let`s see; chased and harrassed working vessels and disrupted thier work buy firing projectiles. then sped across thier bow and slowed down dangerously in a sort of multi-thousand ton game of chicken. then, suprisingly, one of the work vessels turns and comes into collision with their vehicle.

"your honour, my client moves to dismiss on the grounds that the damaged vessel was placing my crewmen and thier ship at substantial risk and should be asked to assume the damage to thier vessel as part of thier reckless behaviour.....unless, of course, you believe they were acting according to some higher moral authority than that which is given to us in our vocation?".

a deliberate and extremely dangerous publicity stunt.

i`m not sure why the sea sheperd boat would even have a legal right to be in those waters at that time in any regard. thier only intention was to harrass and interfere with legal work.


Grant said...

I think some of our worst domestic terrorists are the ones who claim to be animal rights activists. There are a lot of decent people involved in those movements, but the few that think attacking people or damaging property is the way to go about it give the others a bad name.

dr.alistair said...


people should know better where to reach for thier moral high ground.