Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i watch people.

because they do really interesting things.

a lady buys something expensive from a high-end ladies shop and walks proudly down the mall with her little logo-ed bag held hip high for all to see.

she`s in post-purchase extacy.

what`s in the bag?


something medium sized and light, as the bag is small and she`s carrying it in such  way as to not be weighted down.

she reaches the door to the parking lot and looks at her purchase and continues to be filled with joy.

she walks out the doors and by the time she gets across the road she is looking again at the bag and her head and shoulders slump.

she has now hit post-purchase anxiety.

the brain chemicals that bathed her brain for the last half-hour have now been flushed out with the vigourous walk to the car, and now she has returned to her default setting.

will she return the purchase?

who knows.

many do, and the retail industry knows precisely how long the chemical soup that marketing creates in a person`s brain lasts.

long enough for the product to stay sold.


Grant said...

You should have snatched away her bag and returned the item if she left the receipt inside.

dr.alistair said...

i`m not the caped crusader....