Monday, January 04, 2010

happy new year.

this is a time for renewed optimism. the mindless spending and artificial cheers has passed us for yet another year and we boldly step into a new decade.

we have a choice for this to be another ten years of the same old, or we can make some changes.

make some changes.

anything will do for a start.

i`m going to make a conscious effort to not be so nice to assholes who want to passively or otherwise stand in between me and what i want to accomplish.

i don`t have so many decades left any more.

this is my fifth, and granted it will be my best, but i want to build something meaningful for my family and those who benifit from my work.

there are those who suggest i turn a blind eye to criticism, but i feel that that is a cop-out. it teaches the self nothing but to back down....and that becomes a dangerous that can generalise out into a mess of apologetics and consessions....while the world passes by.

no, fuck it.  as i say to lawyer who the mother of my children hired to divest thier father of his efforts and the legal guardianship of his boys.

fuck you. how can you live with yourself. how can you so distort the law that feeds and protects you so that a man`s assets can be stolen in plain sight?

anyway, that said.....let`s get on with 2010. it will be a good year.


Grant said...

January is the time for sales around here, so the unneeded spending will last for yet another month. Maybe in 2010 you can vow to post more pictures of hot Asian women.

dr.alistair said...

i`ve had my fill of asian women, hot or otherwise.

i dated one briefly and she didn`t take long to get the katana out.

did i deserve it?

who knows.

i was rebounding big time and learned another lesson about types of women. interestingly her birthday was the same as my ex`s. april 20th.

april 20th is also hitler`s birthday.

Ricardo said...

I really hope the effort to pry your children away is unsuccessful and they you continue to have a strong relationship with them.

I know you'll make every decade from here on out count.

dr.alistair said...

ricardo, she is a ship without a sail. when she talks to her lawyer and her friends she get pissy and wants more money and control...but when the boys have issues she calls me.....because that small remnant of normal left in her predatory mind remembers i`m thier father and i know what to do.

and the decade thing...yeah.

sitting on the deck having breakfast watching the squirrels foraging in the snow.

K9 said...

my husbands friend left his old wife of 18 years for a young and skinny asian woman. we went out to dinner together when we visited california. i had a ball watching that little woman boss 'ol emilio's ass; and she rode his ass hard. she reminded me of the bamboo cage heavies in the movie "deer hunter" barking out their demands to pull the russian roulette trigger - you never saw a more hapless and old looking man on a second wife. grrrrrhahahahahahahaha

dr.alistair said...

k9 my apologies for not seeing your comment and responding sooner.....

....oriental women are tyrants. they play coy and benign at first, being attentive and stroking the ego. then the switch occurs, and`d better be ready for the 50 foot drop.

obviously your husband`s friend hasn`t consciously noticed the fall yet.

in my case she realised that my ex had all the cash in the deal and that i wasn`t hell-bent on getting my share.

that saved my life.

i now see banzai betty and walk on by....