Wednesday, January 27, 2010

local government stupidity.

the city burlington decided to build a "world class" pier at the bottom of brant st. to celebrate thier ability to spend tax dollars like a city ten times it`s size.

they hired some acid-drugged designres to draw up a design for the pier replete with a giant spiralling cock that no burlington resident i know would have agreed to.

the building of the thing was proceeding nicely until the famous giant crane accident. after which all manner of budgetary irregularities were revealed.

the contractor now refuses to continue work at the site and, with 2/3 of the money wated, the project sits unfinished.

the only good part of this is that the cock hasn`t been um, erected. yet.


K9 said...

grrrrrrherhahahahaha a perfect metaphor for the entire state of the world! im so sorry you have to look at the half finished monument to it.

Firstline Renovations said...

well, it is amusing. two years ago we were all treated to the comedy of the righting of the fallen crane, that had toppled over while moving steel on the pier. the crane lay on it`s side for months while investigations were unertaken and jobe were lost and asses were covered.

but, even inthe light of all that, local government continues on it`s merry way amending this and adjust that.

recently were were tolds that one of our parks would be preserved by the city so that future genrations of kids and parents could use it....only to have them change thier mind once public scrutiny had faded.