Saturday, February 03, 2007

begs the question.

well, judges are nothing if not political.

could you imagine what would have happened if these two deviants had been regular people rather than members of an enourmously powerful political entity?

now remember kiddies, if you want to act out your criminal tendancies all you have to do is align yourself with some popular political cause and then once you have your official membership you can then commit all manner of otherwise criminal acts.

this isn`t to say that you won`t be arrested and charged and tried, but the court will not recognise you as an individual so much as a member of a group, and as such you will then gain access to those delicious and non-fattening inalienable rights that some people clammer on about having a god given right to..........

......whatever the fuck that means.

so, if you are feeling pathological and angry at the world (read, mum and dad....) for not giving things to you when you jump up and down and hold your breath, now here`s your chance to gang up and have your revenge.

and for those of you who aren`t imaginative enough to figure out which groups i`m talking about and are looking for a radical new career, here you go che;




right to life.

the democratic party of america.

in canada, the ndp.

i`m not sure if the i.r.a. are still into public relations these days but i think that eta, hezbollah and the tamils are looking for cannon fodder, i mean, er new recruits.


Anonymous said...

So you are a Hypnotist. There are people who believe in past-life regression, though i don't believe. I hope you are not a believer of such thing they call reincarnation.

For some reason i'm majoring in psychology and hoping to go to graduate school. i would like to implement my spiritual knowledge into it as you are but i'm pretty sure your knowledge of the subject is very different than mine.

You are right, the jews control a large part of the media. Money talks in this decaying world.

dr.alistair said...

winai, people believe in a variety of things. beliefs are what make us human and, as you wade through the theories of psychology, you are going to be exposed to many more.

i have to ask why you feel it`s important that i do or don`t believe one thing or another?

sorting by belief is what`s commonly known as religion...........or um, delusion, in scientific terms.

the jews do have access to the media in our culture and so we are exposed to thier holocaust stories. there are many holocausts in history of course.

the list of holocausts follows the list of famous dictators. mao, pol pot, stalin, tito, etc.

it is interesting in some ways that the only one to be vilified in any real way was hitler. the difference between him and other dictators was that he chose to exterminate people from other countries.

all of the others killed thier own people.

Jon said...

Not only jews but gypsies, blacks, disabled, insane.. in short anyone who was not considered useful.

Hitler actually was pretty lazy. ;) Stalin got upwards of 25 million and nobody even knows how many disappeared in the "Cultural Revolution" in China.

dr.alistair said...

wait until you get aload of my next post and the a-team of genocidal motherfuckers.......

Hammer said...

PETA sheesh hypocrits every one.

Jon said...

PETA? People Eating Tasty Animals?

dr.alistair said...

people for the enjoyment of transferred assets.