Tuesday, February 06, 2007


politicians don`t run things.

they are the gatekeepers.

anyone who sells knows what gatekeepers are.

the guard around the executive class.

the people who make decisions in an organisation place guards up so that they can go about thier day uninterupted by pitches for this that and the other thing.

the true executive in our society are not politicians.

they aren`t partisan.

they understand the currency of power.

they understand where they get thier power from and they are not going to ever lose it.

so we get to watch from the sidelines in our cubicles glued to our flatscreen tvs beaming in complete and utter bullshit directly into our sleeping consciousness.

remember what you have watched all your lives since the vietnam war.

it`s all been bullshit.

and we shout at the gatekeepers as if they are the one`s in control.

elvis as left the building.

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