Monday, February 05, 2007


here`s the thing.

we`re hypnotised all the time.

that`s why science can`t figure out what the hell hypnosis is.

double blind won`t work.

placebo won`t work.

drugs won`t work.

only normal people can hypnotise...........or be hypnotised.

the good news is that that includes 100% of everyone.

well, there is that one 37,000 that is a walking stone........ but hey, he`s the exception that proves the rule.

not only are we hypnotised all the time but we choose the trance we want.....though most don`t realise it.

so now i will not have to count backwards from ten for you to realise that you are at your computer once again.

and things will be better from now on.


Hammer said...

I used to use self hypnosis techniques. I'm not sure if I got much out of them power of suggestion and all that...

I'm not one to let people in to my innermost thoughts whether it be therapy or hypnosis. I'd like to hear more on the subject though.

dr.alistair said...

well, occasionally i return to the subject of hypnosis.

i am certified as a clinical hypnotherapist and i use it as a theraputic tool along with several other approaches to lead people to a point where they can look at their own scripts, the things they`ve assumed were true and acted upon for so long that they forgot they heard it somewhere from someone else.

Hammer said...

I went though a period in my life where I was able to reevaluate and fix my life somewhat. I guess they call it an epiphany or something.

Maybe thats what people are going for when they seek out hypnotherapy.

Thanks for the explanation, it's interesting stuff.

BBC said...

You can't hypnotize me. I'm not human, other than in the sense that you can see and touch me in a human form.

It's the best way for me to experience this physical planet. It's too bad that I have to live it around all you confused monkeys though.

I think I will just shut up trying to tell you monkeys what you are and live the rest of this body's days quietly while ignoring the rest of you the best I can.

dr.alistair said...

people "go" for stuff when they want to wake sense the miraculous (bill.....) or the divine.

when it wakes up in them then they take the steps to heal themselves.

and start to be a little nicer to others also.

what makes people wake up?

the miraculous.