Tuesday, February 06, 2007


there are those among you that feel that because i have certain views that i must be a specific sort politically.

it`s reasonable to assume this for the most part because we are conditioned to sort people by thier opinions and values.......

but here`s the thing.

my views aren`t political.

my views are economic, cultural, social, sexual, psychological, genetic or spiritual.....but are never political.

the only time they may seem political is when i`m analysing the behaviour of a politician.

the entire political game is one of obfuscation.

it is a three ring circus designed with one purpose in mind.


within it everyone is confused.

look at the debates.

the winners are lawyers and other bureaucrats who, for centuries, have been writing law and then forgetting what the last law was about.

so they write another one.

these people are passionate about law as you or i would be passionate about sports or music or art or a beautiful woman.

these laws are designed to do one thing; seperate you and i from our money.

the display that politicians put on is a peacock dance of shakespearian proportions designed to give thier egos a jolly good handjob, meanwhile democrats and republicans both eat and drink from the same trough when the cameras are turned off.

that trough is filled with our tax money.

like lawyers from both sides in a dispute, these people are team-mates, not adversaries.

you might think they are on your side when you write cheques or vote (same thing.) but you are wrong.

rene descarte popularised the perception of duality.

now these people play on the perception for power and money.

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Hammer said...

So true. The party I vote for is the antithesis of that but they never win anything more than tiny local offices. The Libertarians don't seem to be able to unite long enough to make much difference.

dr.alistair said...

yeah. i think that there are those who really think that they can make a difference.

a friend of mine was green party member for oakville in the `80s and he just gave up having to deal with bureaucrats.

it is thier game after all though.