Friday, February 02, 2007

selfish motivation, like what, a life insurance policy? the anihilation of the self is just about as unselfish as one can be..............unless you are the one currently providing a shoulder for hilary clinton to cry on..........

(shit, political statement..........maybe nobody will notice.)

seriously though, i have known a few people who have commited suicide and, other that a few self-centered people who thought they were the one suffering, the act didn`t hurt anyone.

and i fail to see how a judge would be a greater arbitor of one`s pain than one`s self.


BBC said...

He, he, he.

By the time you are my age you will think like I do.

Right now you are just playing with your brain a lot.

Try to slow it down a bit though.

Meditation. I don't set aside times for that. The cosmos has my attention all the time and is always bothering me. No one can teach it to you. No one.

dr.alistair said...

like alan watts said, "who taught buddha?"

i hope i get to that point eventually bill......the old cpu runs a little warm some days.

i never thought anyone could teach it.

i`ve had a hard time with the question "what are you going to be?" since i was small.

i thought i already was.

BBC said...

I never had a problem with what I was going to be when I was young. I was a carpenter and a mechanic. Got married, had kids, bought a home. Blah, blah, blah.

I didn't start my strange journey until I was over fifty. And frankly, it's been a pain in the butt.

dr.alistair said...

firstly, i don`t think my journey is strange. different, yes. i accepted that about myself a ling time ago.

and the challenge isn`t a pain in the butt for me mostly. i find that there are time`s when people are judgemental........but that`s the snafu at work.

when you forget about the snafu then you think it`s smooth sailing.

when you go to cross the road look both ways.