Sunday, July 01, 2007

the arguement fails.

the arguement against those who say that islam supports violence fails in the light reports of government commissions behaving like this.


BBC said...

There are Muslim's, and then there are far right Muslim's. Just like there are Christian's, and there are far right Christian's.

I dare say though that the far right Muslim's are more retarded. And more dangerous.

dr.alistair said...

and it seems as if there are more of them crowded over to the "right" as well.

whole departments of thier government for instance.

very dangerous.

if we didn`t need oil from them then they would still be whacking goats with sticks.

BBC said...

Have I ever mentioned that you are a frigging idiot? (hugs)

Of course we want their oil, but they where more than happy to sell it to us before all this bullshit that the fucking idiot Bush started.

Oil is their number one money maker, only now we pay more for it, thanks for the fucking idiot that is preznut of the country I live in.

And they are not seeing any extra profits, need I explain why?

dr.alistair said...

actually you have called me an idiot on a number of occasions........

the "thing" was started long before bush. the americans had a reasonable relationship with opec until the mid-seventies when americans shit themselves because of opec price fixing.

the issue goes back further than that though.

nasser re-muslimified the arab world beginning in 1952. before that oil was a for-profit commodity.

once you mix religious fanaticism with money you get militant extremism. add that to the threat of nuclear developement in the region you have a serious problem developing.

could you imagine if the americans hadn`t gone into the region?

saddam with nukes?

crazy bastard gassed thousands of kurds as they ran across the, women and children.