Monday, July 30, 2007

a little bit of helpful information.

how to make bacon.

take a hot dog and place it in a microwave oven set on high for around 99 minutes.

let cool and serve.


X. Dell said...

Is this from experience?

dr.alistair said...

actually it is. it stemmed from a discussion with my children about things we could put in the microwave. we got an old microwave and set it up in the garage and tested a variety of substances and objects.

i showed my oldest boy how to log the process as a lab experiment with the aim, process, observations and conclusions and we had a great time with everything from eggs to pencils to tin foil.

we didn`t actually run the bacon experiment for 99 minutes. after about 15 minutes it was clear that the hot dog was going to be reduced to a chip.

the boys also learned a great deal about safety also when we tried to see what would happen to a sealed bottle of water and it exploded.

we were across the other side of the street at the time.