Saturday, July 21, 2007


i is for the ego. the thing that makes things happen.

for good and for bad.

i have heard the ego described as the gatekeeper between the awareness and the unconscious.

i have heard the ego vilified by those who wish to find some enlightenment via mechanical means.

i have listened to people raving about quieting the ego in meditation or during yoga for some reason, as if they will become an ascended master sitting on a mat in thier new yoga get-up while taking yoga classes at the "y".

and i do have to ask why.

jesus would pray.

he would get on the celestial telephone to his dad and go on for hours about the isrealites and the cannanites and the cicereans and the romans and the philestines and the assyrians and the jews.

can we do that?

i don`t think so.

so what`s this thing some have against the ego?

i think i know.

jesus would have had to have been some sort of egtoist to have wanted to heal people, or preach the word of god, his father........and to have laid claim to be the son of god.....and to have challenged the authority of the occupying roman army and of the jews.

and maybe the romans and the jews got so sick and tired of this egotist that they finally tacked him to a tree.

or maybe he was actually capable of what he claimed and that was what got him killed.


BBC said...

he would get on the celestial telephone to his dad and go on for hours

He would? Who told you that? You believed them? Jesus was God, he was just talking to himself and trying to sort things out.

But the idiot didn't write so other idiots wrote a lot of nonsense about him, um, me.

No ego bigger than mine. :-)

or maybe he was actually capable of what he claimed and that was what got him killed.

No, he wasn't and still isn't omnipotent. What got him killed is the fact that he was a cranky shit at times and bitched at the Romans a lot.

Like I bitch at the Christians a lot. Or maybe you don't recognize the Christians as the old Romans?

Maybe you don't recognize that the Romans moved, were reborn in America and now pose as Christians?

And that I followed them here?

dr.alistair said...

the christ association was to make correlation with our own ego.

whenever it gets out of control we run the risk of crucifiction.

until the first council of nicea some 300 years after the death of the man held out as the son of god there was no bible.

before that there were traveling presbyters making up dieties and parables as they saw fit.

constantine made up the catholic church out of whole cloth by creating a new religion out of all of the teachings of the "bishops" (presbyters) from around asia minor.

much as we have money created by law now that we are off the gold standard, (fiat currency.) we have had an official legal doctrine in place for 1700 years by emporor`s decree.

and our society is as legal as the the holy roman empire.

ManoloEUREKA said...

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BBC said...

Catholic church. What a fucking joke. But my mother loved being a Catholic so she could go screw four men, confess and start over again with a clean slate.

Hello? Getting her need taken care of was the only thing that I ever admired about her.

But maybe she felt she had to confess to a priest that was jacking off while she was talking to him. Who knows.

dr.alistair said...

manolo, thanks for dropping by. i see you understand some things about created realities.......


nice to see you.

bill, the catholic thing is so convenient for people wanting to behave badly. it`s the perfect religion for humans.

and the perfect mind control.

same as politics, sport, porn, food, sex, anger, drugs, alcohol, gambling, crime, business, school,etc.

anything with humans in it.

it`s a funny old world.

and parents are obscene.

any perfectly good, hard-working person becomes a lunatic when they have children.