Thursday, July 05, 2007

here`s a question.

what happens when a planet emerges from an "ice age"?

the answer is obviously that the planet gets warmer.


interesting question and one that enviro-weenies would do well to adress before they completely hobble our industry in their gleeful want to "save the world".

the answer is that over the course of millions of years our planet has been exposed to shifts in solar emmisions, shifts in the magnetic polarity of the globe and other geo-physical effects that have directly effected the surface temperature of earth, which is what we are all concerned about.

the geological record shows that we have gone through many "ice age" temperature shifts, with drastic changes in the face of the planet as a result.

where i live we are a few miles from the edge of the pre-cambrian shield, commonly known here as the iroquois shore. it is a cliff edge that runs across ontario providing scenery, wildlife preserves and challenging hillclimbing and cycling.

what most fail to realise is that it also used to be the edge of the old shore of the sea..........

why do we fail to realise this?

because the old sea level was 800 feet higher 50,000 years ago.

and there were few manufacturing plants and suvs then.



Fleming said...

Alistair, good questions about past earth changes. Although I don't feel I know enough to judge some of the alarmist environmentalist claims, I do think that not enough attention is being paid to the natural cycles of change over millions of years.

dr.alistair said...

for some years i felt intuitively that the algores were wrong about global warming and so i denied the fact that the planet was getting warmer as a knee-jerk reaction to the bullshit, but when i actually began to research deeper into the cycles of ice ages and shifts in climates and geography of the planet i realised how conveniently that the enviros took some information and made it the whole story.

and then lectured schoolchildren about it.

the answers lie in astrophysical mechanisms that are many orders of magnitude more energetic and powerful than local global effects, though algore plays on the ignorance of most regarding our sun`s role in our existance.