Tuesday, July 24, 2007


m is for mary.

thank you mary, for the gift of you.

tonight i will watch the 300.

so appropriate that you are in sparta as we speak.


BBC said...

M. is for Marie, who in twelve years of living with her after my wife died only turned me down for sex one time when she wasn't feeling well.

I respected that and didn't push it. Actually, she wanted a lot more sex than I did, but she didn't make a big deal out of it and just took what she could get. That worked for us. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alistair and you are my special gift!

It is also 44 celsius here in Sparta at 3pm

Hugs and Kisses


dr.alistair said...

well bill, thanks for sharing that. it`s nice to find compatability.

mary, had enough of greece yet?

i was disappointed that the movie 300 isn`t out yet......i`ll have to wait until the 31st.

Anonymous said...

Almost had enough! About another week and that should do it!
Maybe we can watch 300 together?
If we can manage to sit through the movie? Ooops!

dr.alistair said...

see the letter o.........

Anonymous said...

So quicky how a special gift can come into someones life and yet be thrown away!