Wednesday, August 01, 2007

a welcome.

i would like to formally welcome new commentators and she to hypgnosys.

hello and thanks for your graceful responses to what must have seemed like a shot from left field initially.

the shock rhetoric is my style and, while i make no apologies for it, i do realise that some may find it offensive.

i am a fellow traveller in the search for meaning all this that we call being alive and don`t mean any harm other than to lazy thinking.

once again, welcome.


X. Dell said...

Thanks for the welcome. I've spent the better part of my adult life in academia, so I find little shocking about your rhetorical style. After all, we're comprised of many types and approaches.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, i mean no harm in the shock, as i said. i just know the value of waking up to the self, and it takes vitality and determination.

my father felt i was intellectual material but burned me out for it by pushing me to algebra and goethe and catholic dogma at six years old.

some want thier children to be footballers or micro-surgeons. my dad thought i could be a jesuit philosopher or somesuch.

i just wanted to build model kits and play with friends.

frankly i`m like a kid in a candy store with hypnosis and nlp. they have given me voice to my concerns in my personal development and in my career.

i guess i`ve been searching for the voice to say what i needed to say so many years ago.

and it makes me see my children and parenting in a totally different light.

she said...

im good with it as well. *the dogfighting i mean* thank you for the welcome. comment moderation AND word veri? oh dear. so many obstacles

dr.alistair said...

hey she, what`s wrong with a good dog fight between consenting adults?

too many of us are afraid to share our view these`s refreshing to be able to state our case without fear of offending others.

comment moderation and word veri?

i`m a control freak.