Thursday, April 17, 2008


the opposite of unconditional.

the conditions are many, and most are about oppression.......not for the greater good, but for the comfort of the few.....while the masses are controlled.

when it comes to love the situation is the same.

conditional love is the one that causes the pain.

the unconditional one lifts one up.

the question then remains.

how can we love someone else unconditionally?

by accepting who they are.

and if they aren`t in a place of unconditional love for themselves, then they will bind you to conditions also.

and the universe will test you.

oh how it likes to test you.


brad4d said...

When the universe questions me it only seems like a test if an answer is needed. To be part of the universe couldn't I answer with a question? If you think I am opinionated, couldn't it just be a projection?

dr.alistair said...

i tend to just ask more questions also.

everything is a projection.....or is everything a projection?

though the dillema i was presented with recently has challenged me to my core.

to think that i could have projected such a thing onto her is a terrifying thought.

i make jokes about every day being like the movie groundhog day, and i so desperately wish that i could do one day over again, and i`ve never felt like that before.