Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the hawk.

i watched him soar.

high above the highway, riding the warm spring heat as it rose off the ever spreading concrete and ashpalt of our city, the bird never stopped looking.....searching for what he needed.



not asking why or how or why again, just doing.

the relentless pursuit of one thing is intoxicating in it`s simple beauty.

i watched him for what seemed like an eternity, circling and gliding and looking, and i realised that beyond all of our self-absorbed thinking we are precisely the same.

relentless in our pursuit.

except that we have to ask why.


Anonymous said...

Stop asking why. You did no wrong, even in leaving her to her truth, against your nature.
Someday she will realise what she had and it will take her to her knees, and while it will be no consolation to you because you aren`t the type to indulge in bitterness, you have to know that you touched her like no other.
You tried to protect her and she threw it in your face, and still you acted out of honour and integrity.
I have to remain anonymous but just know that you are loved for your true nature and spirit and for your boyish smile, which makes a woman weak at the knees.
Keep the faith!

dr.alistair said...

i am speechless.

such kind words.

i don`t know what to say.

Ricardo said...

Those are wonderful and kind words from anon. We al search like the hawk but can we be as majestic and precise as this creature? They are able to see the smallest details at great heights. The details are in our lives everyday but we have become to distracted to see them. If we can slow down for a moment we can see them and learn a great deal.

dr.alistair said...

i want to know who anon is.....but a person`s need for privacy is to be respected.

i think you answered your own question though ricardo.

we can be as majestic and precise and see things from a great height.

it is the role of the artist and the mystic to do precisely that.

Anonymous said...

we're not supposed to know everything are we? Some things are supposed to be left unanswered. To be still and magically mystical in their own capacity. Never knowing what might creep on over. Take a rest, all will be clear upon awakening, and heck maybe the prey will be sitting right beside you, though you might not be aware.

dr.alistair said...

anon. i dare not hold such hope.

to crash full force against that cruel shore would leave no hope for survival.

but in my dreams i have......

Anonymous said...

the fact remains you were always and will be her 2nd choice!!

no matter she tell you!

dr.alistair said...

regarding choice, she was never able to make one, so how could she expect a result?

i was never any choice for her. she never chose. she has let what she calls fate decide.

so she has become nothing more than victim, like a terrified child.

Anonymous said...

You just keep telling yourself and convincing yourself what you think!

Your still #2!! Your the victim and this little child wants to play games with you!

dr.alistair said...

painful lesson and i connot argue with you assessment regarding games.

i am suprised at how quickly i`m recovering though.