Friday, April 18, 2008

since i`ve been loving you.......

deeply passionate piece of blues that sings of the pain of betrayal, not only in the lyrics but with the drums, bass and guitar.

and as this chapter of my life winds away down, the song will remain......and not remind me, so much as inspire me to heal.

i remember my brother some years ago deciding that he`d heard enough of me lamenting over something i was going on about and he hit the cd player and fired up achilles last stand.

i forgot my worries then and as i think of that tune it does the same thing now.


X. Dell said...

Music does the same for me. In emergencies, however, I have my stash of Marx Brothers films.

Anonymous said...

Music has that mystical magical way of taking you back to a place in time. It's the best meditation I know. A total buzz, how devine!

Boston - more than a feeling

dr.alistair said...

groucho is a gift to us all. i watch those old movies on youtube and howl at groucho`s intense love and joy in life while he plays some clown playing with bureaucrats or bullies.

i learned a lot from him about how to deal with assholes.

and i heard rock and roll by led zeppelin this afternoon and it took me back to my brother and i practicing the intro over and over
until we had it down.