Tuesday, April 22, 2008

these walls.

they know the truth.

they hold the key, but they are not saying.

they`ve seen it all and stood by.

mute witness.

and so they remain.

they provide no comfort as would a friend who knew, yet somehow there is an echo, faint yet clear.....of what was then.

moments of us held in pure truth that cannot be denied or revised or edited or deleted.

merely recorded.

these walls.

but all too soon i will stop listening myself, and only the walls will know.

held forever.


Ricardo said...

I need to tear down the walls. They do know my secrets, weaknesses and so on and have made me a prisoner in a way. But I erected these walls. And if I put them up I can tear them down.

dr.alistair said...

ok, we need to sort out the metaphor here.

the walls i refered to above were the witness to my relationship of thispast few months.

they hold an objective truth.

the walls you refer to are in some ways limiting factors in your life as well as a history.

tearing them down isn`t the answer.

make them tell you thier purpose.

the walls i`m refering to tell me of lessons i am in the process of learning.

talking to the walls might seem crazy to a normal person, but we aren`t that........

the past few months have brought me some powerful understanding of who i am and what i really want and what i have to learn to deal with if i am to proceed forward the way i have asked to.

i have asked for a lot in this life and so the universe is bringing it on.

Ricardo said...

But that's what so great about what you've wrote here. The metaphor serves many purposes depending on the readers experience.

Now then getting back to your true intentions of this piece.

The act of listening is a very important one but also very hard and painful. I know your story quite well and am glad you are making strides to move on from it with greater knowledge and growth. I hope you continue to gain messages and enlightenment from them. I hope this is shaping up to be a very defining moment for you.

The act of listening also applies to my situation as you say. I think your prescription is worth taking Dr.A.

I've been in a very reflective mood as of late. Hope it's worth it.

dr.alistair said...

reflection is a positive step to meeting with your true nature.

i will be writing about the difference between character and true nature, or as i prefer to call it, essence.

X. Dell said...

I'm afraid that if my walls could talk, they'd tell everyone where I hide my money.