Monday, June 08, 2009

herman`s hermits.

fucking crap.

made me ashamed to be english.

droning hyper british invasion bullshit. sort of like a fake beatles, except from manchester.

if you don`t know where manchester is, just imagine hamilton with fish and chips...and a lot more east indians.

i went with my girlfriend because she really wanted to go.....reminded her of what it was like growing up.

i knew a fair number of the songs, which made it no easier to sit fact actually hearing them live made it worse because i still have remnants of the shit sound rattling around in my head two days later.

she was happy as a clam, though she realised after an hour or so that my boys and i were sitting stone-faced while the band chewed up our brain cells.

see, my boys and i are guitar players, and we were waiting to be entertained, and instead we got a 60 odd year old shoe salesman telling bad jokes and singing to grandparents in the front rows....

...shit, shit, shit.

i went because i love my girlfriend and wanted to share something she really enjoyed because she`s a sweetheart and i love to share her enthusiasm whenever i get a chance......but....for fuck`s sake sweetie.

she even promised to go to see megadeth with me because she was so grateful that we went with her.

i wouldn`t consider doing that to her for an instant.

maybe the eagles will come and we can go to something we would both enjoy.

i think my boys would like it too.


Grant said...

I recommend Psychostick for your musical pleasure.

dr.alistair said...


dr.alistair said...

ah. psychostick.

reminds me of the presidents of the united states with distortion guitar.