Friday, June 05, 2009

what i believe is really going on.

individualism vs. collectivism.

either the rights of the individual are important or the survival of the collective. there is no middle ground.

kennedy asked not what government could do for us but what we could do for government. this is collectivist guilt.

when we are expendable for the good of the group, then we end up with leaders like stalin or mao or any other fuckwit who will torture, maim and kill whoever he pleases if they disagree with the collective view.

we are witnessing a financial situation at the federal level that i feel is the begining of the destruction of the middle class, and when this happens we will see nothing but the rich few and masses of poor wandering around in shock wondering where thier savings, equity and retirement went to.


because money has no gold to back it up and so governments can create paper debt and devalue whatever you and i have worked for...

obama is busy doing that right now.

devaluing property, investment and labour value so that we can`t work hard or long enough to catch up.

all of the union jobs and middle management salary jobs are going and the only one hiring is wal-mart.

y`know...none of us have been this old before, with kids and mortgages. our parents never discussed it, did they? the erosion of thier wealth and subsequent re-evaluation of thier lifestyle upon retirement.

so while we are busy watching the freakshow on tv the ass is falling out of our portfolio value.

in canada we are going to spend many billions of dollars in the next few years to bail out the "economy" and saddle ourselves with futher taxes and reduction of benefits.

why not just give each canadian a million?

thirty billion dollars is a lot...but it`s ours. the goverment took it from us, mismanaged it and want us to give them more to try to fix whatever the problem is.

what would happen if we all got a million?

we`d spend it.

isn`t spending what the economy needs?

we`d have to promise to keep our jobs though....


Vincent said...

"there is no middle ground".

This is a reiteration of the point I made in my last, but why is there no middle ground? Is it not the case that you are as affected as other North Americans with this idea?

dr.alistair said...

simply because once the functional dynamic rights of the individual are subjugated, then the force is collective.

one cannot argue with a parking enforcement officer these days because they are imbued with the same totalitarial power stance as a soldier. parking in a fire route for a moment while you run inside could get you tasered.

to suggest that there is or could be a middle ground falls into the hands of those who wish collectivist power.

it is a depressing thought, i realise, but i`ve begun to re-visit the political analysis of griffin and others recently and thier position regarding money, health, media and political jingoism sheds light directly on the simple fact that we are heading for collectivist control.