Monday, June 15, 2009


i wrote quite a bit about obligation a few years ago here, and i realise it`s appropriate in relation to the issue of rescuing as discussed in my last post.

the thing that stops us from trying to stop "rescuing" others, especially those close to us is obligation.

obligation is a tacit agreement between people that binds them into this game whereby rescuer runs the risk of being persecuted/persecuter.

just as buying a girl a drink in a bar has the potential to oblige a girl to sex, the providing of help obliges a person to reciprocating...and is difficult when the person recieving the help has little or no means to reciprocate.

and we feel guilty if we dont help though, don`t we?

obligation goes hand-in-hand with guilt to bind people in these games of victim-rescue-persecute in all areas of human interaction.

how do we break the cycle?

by not helping, fighting the guilt....and not feeling obliged to "help".

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