Tuesday, June 23, 2009


recently a nutty woman whom i have had some contact with over the past few years was overty rude to my girlfreind. i suppose her reasoning was that she was only temporary, or somesuch nonsense.

this morning the aforementioned nutjob made a freind request to my facebook page which i summarily blocked.

needless to say, my girlfreind questioned why this woman would be clearly ignorant to her while being flirty with me. though she trusts me and understood that my interest was aimed at the woman`s newly adopted german shepherd dog as we stood talking briefly, she was concerned that such a nutty woman would have my interest at all.

my answer was that i have recenty avoided her when she appears at starbucks, but yesterday i spoke briefy as we passed to go across the street.

my gilrfreind spoke to the woman while we stood there and she was ignored totally.


tired of being nice to her when she floats up while i`m in conversation with others, when she has interupted dates i`ve been on in the past and now openly hostile to the girl i love.

she claims she has thyroid cancer also....yet this story changes, and i find it hard to believe her....tragic though it would be if true.

i have tolerated her nuttiness and her tiresome religiosity and whiny poor-me attitude to life but yesterday was the last straw.

attempting to come between my girl is a foul. whistle blows. game stops. name goes in book.



Grant said...

If she dies of thyroid cancer, I guess you'll owe her a Coke.

dr.alistair said...


her dog will have a good home though.

Chris J. said...

Guard your rabbits.

dr.alistair said...

ah, you know of which i speak.....