Wednesday, January 16, 2008

beautiful morning.

i woke this morning prematurely to the insistant digital chime of my alarm clock.

i had been up until late last night mentally pacing over the events of yesterday with it`s delightfully contrasting messages of both opportunity and anxiety.

once my eyes grew accustomed to the brightness upon my less-than-rested eyes i realised the beauty of what greeted me out the window.

the sun was shining.

that was what was so different.

we have had such unseasonably warm weather of late that most hadn`t realised that we hadn`t seen the sun in weeks.

seeing it made me realise that and i was struck by the sheer beauty of everything lit by the sun`s warming rays.

the bare trees and the roof-tops and the glowing white bricks of the apartment buildings rising out of the ground in the near distance all seemed almost surreal in this unfamiliar light.

i was smiling before i realised.

i`m sure that over time i will lose the sense of wonder of today, but for now i will immerse myself in it`s gifts.


Ricardo said...

take it all in and enjoy. We had some very nice weather here as well but the temperatures have dropped drastically.

dr.alistair said...

yep, sunny and cold cold cold today.