Saturday, January 19, 2008

stupid people.

let`s get this one straightened out before we proceed.

animals don`t entertain the same thought processes as humans.

for them it`s simple, basic and consistant.

tigers kill other animals for food.

if you are going to act like food, you`re gonna get killed.

the animal wasn`t getting pissed off, she was provided with an opportunity to eat.

i know if i was a big cat i would get wholeheartedly sick of being thrown sirloin all day long off a long stick, and would be dying to tear into something live and moving.......even if it was a tourist.

the main reason why people get hurt by animals is because they make tactical errors.

the majority of people who assert theselves behind thick glass or heavy duty fences by making jestures and yelling are ignored comprehensively.

for the most part you can bang on the glass and yell and jump up and down all you want and the cat will yawn, fart and otherwise go on with being top of the food chain.

the fuckwits in question failed to remain out of the cat`s reach, and got torn apart for thier efforts.

that`s why they call them stupid people.

and i bet they have had at least one conversation with a lawyer since.


brad4d said...

As a cat-lover, don't forget play! The game cats play with IS the game, so kittens and cats have an interesting signal system (when fighting) because pushing extremes is natural.
Don't forget, they'll fight (for fun) when not hungry.

dr.alistair said...

like is said.....tactical error. playing outside one`s league can be fatal.

my cats have to be pushed a good distance to cause damage when playing, and understand the consensus of trust to begin with.

the little bits of string and laser light that they chase doesn`t push them to rage. whenever they catch the string they will release it for more play.

my german shepherd would eventually tear a ball or stick to bits though.

those people had absolutely no relationship with that cat and so the animal was threatened by thier advances.

X. Dell said...

Perhaps the "marijuana in their system" had something to do with their stupidity.

Getting a tiger's attention isn't something I would want to do high or sober. But the taunting of animals, especially dangerous ones, seems to reflect a need for dominance.

dr.alistair said...

x, i tink there is a serious issue of the will to dominate in our society in general. it is the actions of people like this that exemplify a deep disconnection with any sort of self actualisation and that can lead to tragedy.

they really should have known better, but ignorance, arrogance, and a diminished reality sorting all came into play at the wrong time.

there have been times when i have got the attention of wild animals for brief moments, and i`m always filled with awe.

but that`s just me projecting...........