Sunday, January 20, 2008

new year`s resolutions re-visited.

did you make a resolution this year?

how is it holding up?

i made the resolution to drop the things that weren`t effective and postive in my life.....

and it`s remarkable what made it across that barrier and how relationships changed and how my life has become a different place (?) as a result.

i called my life a place in the last paragraph.

i wonder why i chose that particular way of characterising it.

i want to say my life is a movie in process on the big screen.

i want to say my life is one of magic and intrigue and adventure.

so i will.

and it is.

my life isn`t a place. it isn`t stationary and immovable and limited to one way of existance.

it`s a flowing, living organic process, full of challenges and wonder and excitement.

that`s the space my new year`s resolution has created.


X. Dell said...

I've spent so many years in academia, I always conceive of the first Monday after Labor Day to be the actual New Year. As always, I make a resolution to get through the semester without tossing any students out of the window.

BBC said...

did you make a resolution this year?

Yeah, to rule the world by the end of the year.

dr.alistair said...

x, i would treat myself to one ejection......but then again i`m not priveliged enough to have students in a structured environment.

bill, everyone has a world, i would have thought you`d be ruling yours by now.

but a year should be long enough to get your shit together though.

Kate said...

I loved this post of yours. It felt honest and flowing.

I was going to argue that your life is a 'place' but in the end you are right... My first thought was that like a store... people come in and out and it is ever changing/morphing with the needs and desires of the owner and his/her clients... but in reality, life is far more fluid than that.

I just today posted a bit about goals for 6 months from now. Being proactive, I figured if I wrote them down and published them for the world to see, then perhaps i just might focus on making them happen! =]

Your resolution 'to drop the things that weren`t effective and postive in my life.....' sounds interesting. I am guessing that you had a situation in particular that you were unhappy with and decided to change it.
Generally getting rid of the negative and figuring out how to increase the positive is always a great goal! Not always easy though!

dr.alistair said...

kate, thanks for dropping by.

i am sensitive to the language that we use to describe our environment and that`s why i questioned the chracterisation of my life as a place.

i felt that label was too restricitive.

the resolution was part of a gift from the universe that i couldn`t ignore when it was presented to me.

and yes, i was involved in a situation that i was unhapy with, and when i changed it everything else changed too.

one of the most profound things that has ever happened to me.

i knew it was coming because i refered to it in my post about being shown something, but it was still a suprise when it occured.

the decision to let go, to open one`s grip and unattach to further outcomes, is at the same time powerful and envigorating and also terrifying.