Monday, January 07, 2008

new year`s resolutions.

did you make one?

have you made one in the past?

i have to say that i`ve never made them in the past.

i guess i never felt the need nor saw the point.

this year i was compelled to make a resolution in a rather odd and convoluted way.

some months ago a friend asked me to host a group ceremony for new year`s eve, culminating in an evocation ceremony to welcome in the new year.

plans fell through for the party and so i was left without plans for the last day of 2007.

as life has a habit of doing, i was pleasantly suprised when a friend invited me to her place for a quiet night over drinks......

i was quick to accept her offer.

when i arrived she announced that her friend would be joining us and wanted to do a special ritual for the new year.


there are none, my faithful readers.

the three of us wrote out new year`s wish on a piece of paper which we each then burned in a candle flame, dropping the ash into our champagne glasses......and as the last few seconds of 2007 counted down we toasted to the new year with the magic potion.

i haven`t spoken to the two girls since but i can tell you that my new year`s resolution is well on the way to completion, and as a result the closing of one door is allowing the opening of several new doors that i will be more than eager to walk through in 2008.

resolve is a powerful thing.

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