Saturday, January 26, 2008

cultural insensitivity.

i love the language these different groups use to claim thier position.

the japanese claim that whaling is a part of their lives and thier culture.

it`s commerce guys.

like us in the west.....

........raising cows for meat.

could you imagine a militant environmental group from india freaking on texans?

i have always had issues with the arrogance of enviros.....and greenforce (um, peace?) is a good example of this.

the sea shepherd conservation society?

greenforce wants to distance it`s self from it`s (more) militant cousin while cruising the oceans of the world together, merrily interfering with legal (i didn`t say moral or ethical) whaling and jeopardising the lives of japanese fishermen, who, lest we forget.....are people too.

so, while we raise millions of cows for beef and protect our borders with laws and military the japanese aren`t afforded the same luxury.



X. Dell said...

I take it you're interested in trying the blubber burger?

dr.alistair said...

er, not really.

funny though, i found out upon investigation that greenforce is an actual organisation......

regarding food choices, i`ll stick to the red-brand and bourbon.

i turned the russian girls onto it and they dig it.....