Saturday, January 19, 2008


my two children, boys 9 and 11 both said that they found clowns weird and my youngest said he thought they were scary.

they added santa, one or two of thier school teachers, steve from across the street and one soccer coach and boy scout leaders who wear shorts to the list.

razor sharp perception from my two.


brad4d said...

the "serious" paradox of these characters is the primal humor of just being silly! (Steve Martin)
We have to "excuse (me") those scary feelings as introduction to fantasy, before you understand the "rules."

dr.alistair said...

the archetypal structure of hat clowns represent is one thing, but some of the people who represent the image are just plain strange.

Kate said...

lol all 3 of my kids are weirded out by clowns(14/12/12)! I wonder if its because of horror movies and shows like CSI that often have clowns shown as freaks and killers... just a thought! I WAS a clown in a circus once when I was 10 and I thought I was the hottest thing ever!

dr.alistair said...

hmm. kate you`ve seen both sides of the mask.

i think there is something archetypal that clowns represent in our psyche that evokes dread.

look at the image of steven king`s "it" and clifford olsen`s sinister portrayal of a clown and the paintings he also did of clowns.

these perveyors of horror understood the powerfully sinister effect that clowns deliver.