Thursday, November 12, 2009

i was going to....

...continue writing about places and people that piss me off.

and i noticed that my hitrate and pageviews were climbing accordingly.

this tells me that people want to resonate with pissedoffness, and that`s fine i suppose, except today i`m not pissed of and i`m not interested in revisiting anguish from the past so much.

so what am i?

enthusiastic about what is coming next.

moving. growing and experiencing new things. meeting challenges and living a life of happiness and gratitude.

quite the change from pissed of with people and frustrations.

so how did this happen?

i remembered something.

we are what we think we are.

i was pissed off about some things occuring in my life, outside of my control, and i was resonating with that feeling and it reflected in my writing.

i have no regrets about what i was writing, in fact re-reading a few posts with my girlfriend made us both laugh out loud....and that`s always good.

so i will say good-bye to my growing hit-rate...for a while...and go on enjoying a joyful and abundant day.

but check back soon, i might have need to grumble again.


K9 said...

i like both. i dont see a good well observed snark and the absence of contentment.

dr.alistair said...

snark? i must admit there is great satisfaction at constructing arguement well.....

.....i would love to debate mr. keen in a live environment. when he replied to my posts on his blog he dismissed me in typical intellectual style and actually dissed mcluhan in the same breath, a man who would have him for breakfast in logic alone.

keen`s so-called classical education fails hime the moment he opens his mouth.

he does a lecture on google which i will post tomorrow wherein he back pedals and tries to suggest that his book was written tongue-in-cheek.

i had to laugh. what a dick.

K9 said...

i totally messed up my comment

i like both. i dont see a good well observed snark and the absence of contentment. as mutually exclusive. now it makes sense.

i love watching desperate backpeddling! lucky you!

dr.alistair said...

i was actually disappointed at the back-pedalling. he comes across as weak.

he also states that everyone in th audience should have recieved a copy of his bok prior to the lecture, and when he finds to the contrary, he makes a snide coment about having to sell it....