Monday, November 30, 2009

my idea of the season.

i am sick of intolerant types selling childish fantasies to people to get them to buy things.

but getting them to buy things is only part of the game.

once the child has his or her every whim met by santa at the north pole, they are then exposed to the "greater" meaning of the season...that someone was slaughtered horribly by powerful men and thier soldiers.

and the child feels guilty after recieving the gifts of thier greatest they go along and listen to a bloke in a dress (a bloke in a dress?) tell them all that he speaks to god about how we treated his son, and that he knew this would happen and blah blah blah......

so we are guilty for all that we have recieved.

not grateful.


but wait you say, this is christmas, the birth of christ...for god`s sake (god`s sake!) at least leave us our season of well-wishing and gifts and trees and lights and egg-nog.

but i can`t, becasue the long winter ends in spring and then we rip the man apart.....while our children search for eggs and your wife dances with the blokes in the bunny suits at the party and you drink too much and try to pull her off the dance floor when she`s only having fun.....

the trance induction begins with dissipating our energy to exhaustion (spending money) at christmas and ends in an orgy of death at easter.

and little old ladies wear the image on a gold chain around thier necks.

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