Friday, November 13, 2009

a video wherein mr.keen reveals himself.

if you have been reading recently you will know that mr.keen, or andrew to his friends, particularly dislikes the internet, youtube, bloggers and everything else that diminishes his degrees and intellectual elitism.

he rails against what he calls the cult of the amateur and the ability of just about anyone to self-publish. he feels that agents, producers and other midddle men are there to nurture and develop talent....

...meanwhile he is using the very tools he so strongly decries to promote his book and his ideas. youtube, blogging, pdf downloads, etc.

but it`s ok for him to use these things because he is learned and an intellectual. you can tell this by the condescending fake oxford accent. (it`s hiding a lisp and a bit of a stutter too.)



labcat said...

really? that's pretty pathetic. i'll admit...i'm definitely an amateur but i do it 'cause i can and it's fun. that's it. jeez, he needs to get over his self already.

dr.alistair said...

it`s pretty sad. i liken it to a conversation at a party some years ago between myself and a number of professors from a local university where my friend`s wife was the librarian.

a physicist told me that i wasn`t quaslified to comment on quantum mechanics because i wasn`t knowledgeable enough.

i told him mystics had been talking about this stuff for thousands of years, they just used different language to describe pretty much the same things...but that they went further and included the human consciousness...which classical physicists refused to do.

those sad souls from the queit halls of learning are much like monks in thier self assured arrogance as long as they control thier environment to only include learned colleauges...otherwise they run the risk of hearing opposing views..something thier small egos find difficult to cope with.

Ricardo said...

Yes, there is a backlash with a lot of old and crusty minded writers and journalists who hate the things this man does. That includes us. I've listened to the arguments and about the only thing I can gather from them is insecurity over people moving onto their turf and an inflated sense of entitlement along with elitism which impresses no one. Once they get over themselves it really shouldn;t be an issue. there's room for all you know.

Lorraine said...

This guy has a BIG FAT EGO he need to read A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle to overcome this mental handicap!

dr.alistair said...

yep. it`s all about egos. the worst part of keen`s talk for me was his back-pedalling...suggesting thath e wrote the book as a tongue in cheek piece.

i guess he didn`t want ot get lynched!

lorraine, i haven`t read tolle, but the man sure does need a different perspective in 2009.

what does tolle have to say?

Matthewzor said...

I believe that web2.0 is only in it's infancy. Therefore it will grow and evolve. Individuals will learn more about it and how to decifer credible sources from those who are clearly not.

And, above all else these individuals seem to be worried about how they are going to gain their percentage of the profits. To that I would say, The internet will be one of the biggest(if not the biggest) driving force of the economy in the near future. There will be plenty of room for you to get a piece.

dr.alistair said...

zor, yes. that is precisely what is happening.

we didn`t all balk at the phone when it first emerged, but it sure changed the way people communicated.

the internet is a new communication tool. one that will revolutionise the way we do everything, much as tv did buch much faster.

everything is accelerating. learning, watching, processing, developing, needing, making, forming....


those who demand that it isn`t will be left behind.