Thursday, November 05, 2009

list of annoying people.

ten people i find annoying. not necessarily in any order or context. they are listed as i feel.

michael buble. mickey bubbles.  barely 25 and he cartoons the voice of crooners from the `50s. douchebag.

the drummer from metallica lars ulrik. great, great drummer...but shut the fuck up you asshole....let the kids download your music for free (lars, here`s a`s free advertising.)

oprah winfrey. nuf said. 300 pounds of beef liver in a plastic bag. there, i said more. my blog.

politicians in general,  but specifically the ones on tv when i have the uncomfortable experience of siitng watching for any length of time. i know it`s thier game and they paid to play...but fucking hell people, why do we encourage them.

the entire cast of friends. it`s a soap opera with a laugh track....and if it didn`t have one you wouldn`t know when to laugh would you?

anyone reporting about h1n1. seriously. are we really that stupid?

i guess we are.

celine dion. celine dion pregnant. celine dion smiling. celine dion singing. french accent and a hairlip.....jeez.

new country.  i know that`s not a person. it`s an entire collection of really annoying people. some time ago some sharp people called marketers noticed that people with big hair, certain types of clothes and modern musical instruments sold a lot of records. 

many more records than nasal twangy singers blethering on about depressing suubjects.

the people who sold lots of records were, of course, rockers.

the clever marketing types thought, hmmm, lets make these depressing people look and act like rockers....and bingo, thier sales shot through the roof.

gullable people thought, 'hey, those people look like rockers, let`s buy thier cd and go to the show."

well, that just encouraged them.

now even rockers are begining to sound like country.

idiots in cowboy hats are really annoying. that`s why you don`t see people wearing them in public unless it`s halloween....or they are off to see annoying nasal twangy singers pretend to be rockers.

don cherry.  many in the u.s. won`t know who this twit is, but google and you`ll see. tiresome old windbag ex nhl coach resentful of the way hockey can be played by real athletes with skill.

he would prefer kids to hit and crosscheck everything that moves sooner than learn to skate and shoot and pass. and it`s a shame that he has the ear othe nation when hockey games are on because he tells kids to kill eachother as the best way to play the game.


and i`ve saved the last spot for the most annoying person i can imagine.


spooky unblinking sociopath. i`m suprised he doesn`t have his own halloween costume. it would be terrifying.

hey al? stop telling kids that they are drowning polar bears if they don`t pester thier parents to recycle.

anyway that`s today`s top ten. i`m sure if i thought about it i could come up with another ten, and i apologise to those who didn`t make the big ungainly woman who insists on making my starbucks coffee wrong so i will "notice" her.

i already noticed you dear. you are an idiot.

anyway. h ave a nice day everyone and hopefully you will manage to avoid those people who annoy you.


Chris J. said...

I figured Bono or any combination of U2 would be right at the top of the list.

dr.alistair said...

there will be annother list today....

...actualy bono isn`t annoying. he is easy to avoid. my list of rock music automatically edits his jingle-jangle effect loops right out.