Thursday, November 19, 2009

random and mundane.

wet and rainy here. didn`t get my early morning starbucks i am now nursing a caffiene headache that, even with one americano in me, is making it hard to see out of my right eye.

fucking coffee addiction.....

i watched supersize me last night. this is a documetary about mcdonalds food made by a guy who decides to eat thier shit 3 times a day for a month.

he goes from 185 to 210 pounds and his blood work goes right into the toilet. cholestorol and enzymes go squirelly.

his mind is affected also. he becomes depressed if he`s not actually eating, and becomes elated as he`s finishing his next meal.

that is some serious drugs they are putting in those meals.

his vegan girlfriend is annoying though. her sanctimonious attitude made me want to force feed her the happy meals `til she shut up.....

what is wrong with meat for god`s sake? is it some freudian thing that lesbians tend to be vegitarian?

i actually got ill a few times watching the show, which it was designed to do. watching him make himself sick in his car forcing food down...but he made his point....i guess that is good journalism.

i had a bias against the fast-food industry going in, so watching helped bolster my position that this industry preys on people and eventually contributed to sickness and death.

but an industry that lobbys government to be able to sell thier garbage to kids as nutritious meals needs a kick in the balls as far as i`m concerned.

and it suggests that government cares very little also.

the courts decided that the fast-food industry wasn`t liable for damages to two children who gained large amounts of weight while eating fast-food, and i think that the judgement will make some think more about thier own responsibility toward food choices.

blame the media.


stop watching media.

turn off the tv. don`t drive near fast-food places. cook at home when you can. exercize. feel better. realise that you have an investment in health and that poor food choices will damage that investment.

would you put diesel in your gas powered car?

i didn`t think so.

your body is the same. so is your mind.

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