Thursday, November 19, 2009

scientology mind control.

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a short primer on how scientology indoctrinates people into obedience. sorry about the ad at the beginning of the clip, but free is free after all......

now. my question here is, how does this differ from that of church, school and government?


Matthewzor said...

the main difference is that church, school and government ideals are not based on a fiction novel by L.Ron Hubbard.

Grant said...

You would think that it would be obvious to any organization that the way to indoctrinate me would be to hold out the possibility of hot J-bunny sex, but so far none has tried. They keep sending creepy white people to my door who only inspire me to want to begin a new killing spree.

dr.alistair said...

the fiction novels are one thing, but the behaviour of the members of the organisations are not dissimilar.

grant, the j-bunnies are coming, the j-bunnies are coming, get the idea.

but imagine if they did, you would be powerless to resist.

would you wear the little schoolgirl costume?

X. Dell said...

Actually, this is helpful. Perhaps I should look for more examples of former cult members breaking down their specific techniques.

dr.alistair said...

the basic elements of technique are thus.

1. isolation.

2. deprivation.

3. monotony.

4. precise rhythm.

in the example above with the scientologists they add self-control to the process, whereby a trance induction takes place rapidly, as the interviewer indicates.

i use these techniques in my work to induce profound trance states in my clients...with thier agreement, of course.

there are hypnotists that say that you need the recipient`s agreement for the process to work, but that is theater to give the client something to hang thier hat on, and also for liability in clinical practice.

i watched a friend of mine induce a trance state in a woman covertly by using eye blinking. the woman became rapidly drowsy and exhibited all of the classic signs of trance induction within a few moments.

we were sitting in starbucks, and the woman started trying to chat my friend up, so he dropped her into trance and gave her some commands to feel relaxed and happy to be able to experience the great coffee and conversation and to leave when she felt comfortable.

she came around after a few moments and left happily saying good bye and expressing how nice it was to have met him.

dr.alistair said...

oh yeah, and my father was a jesuit and a master of covert, or conversational,trance induction.

i remember the feeling of deja vu when i began studying hypnosis and going back to times my father would talk someone`s ear off for seemingly hours while we were out somewhere.

and i`m not sure that he was consciously aware he was doing it.

i thought for a while about teaching these skills to people for benign purposes such as parenting or business management, but then i realised that i would be teaching men to induce women in bars....and i couldn`t conscience that idea.

and besides, there are enough people teaching this stuff already.

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