Thursday, November 12, 2009

this guy is a dick.

because his web start-up failed, or he has a small dick, or has decided that the internet, and in specific youtube are evil.

his thesis is that because youtube is so easy to use and that anyone can now become a publisher of multimedia products, this is somehow undermining something.

oh yeah, that something is a game of intellectual elitism called copyright.

further he rants that everyone and his brother is now able to post a video of thier less than concert-ready version of whatever instrument they have been practicing on.

guilty as charged andrew.

i didn`t go to julliard or even learn to read music, but guess what, i can play and perform music as entertaining and of equal or better quality than many who have met your criteria for expertise.

and so have many posting thier efforts on-line via youtube and the like.

and the fact that this has threatened the institution of copyright and somehow diminished the institutions of ostensible higher learning makes me wonder what the game was about other than to control artists product for the profit of bureaucrats....and to control the information flow of learning and accomplishment into to narrow streams.

now, having said this andrew, i would hate to think that the man who operated surgically on my knee relied on youtube videos for his instruction.....

.....but you can still fuck off for being an elitist dick hiding your failures and shortcomings behind a moral arguement.



K9 said...

nice dress down. you remind me of that scene in annie hall where that pompous prof with a chair at columbia drones on about marshall macluen and woody argues with him a bit, finally having to resort to pulling MM into the frame to tell the prof "you know nothing of my work"

yeah buddy we know why you are whining. i love the egalitarianism of you tube. i am pro anything that takes creative endeavor out of the hands of a small elite.

ive seen good bad and ugly on you tube. last night taylor swift was crowned world champion. my husband commented on it. i said "it illustrates who has buying power in america. teen girls. do you think grown men buy music that discusses being in the bleachers while watching a cheerleader with your dream boy?"

so i dont know what tool should be used to measure talent. we know how success is measured.

dr.alistair said...

talent is measured subjectively, by the nervous system of the observer.

thanks to youtube, more observers are encourages to decide what they like, and so the status quo shifts....much to the dismay of andrew keen and his league of disgruntled children.

those who understand the shift can and will adapt to the new paradigm.

such is the eye of the artist.