Friday, November 13, 2009


firstly, i will say that i have never heard either sing, so this isn`t about who is a better performer. i understand it`s country music, which i choose not to listen to because i haven`t heard all the zeppelin i want to yet.

so one doesn`t have to go too far into this one to see the issue.

fat old girl resentful of the attention the young pretty one is getting.

fat old girl makes things ten times worse for herself by tearing into the young one.

and then apologises.

try the weekend long drinking. you won`t feel better, but you will forget for a while.

what a dumbass.


labcat said...

i do listen to country. i like some of all genres...except maybe polka.

yeah, i agree. she's such a has been and her and her mother are just so holier-than-thou it turns my stomach.

dr.alistair said...

my girlfriend listens to country also...and i forgive her that, mostly because she doesn`t inflict me with it.

we have this rule; i don`t inflict her with things she doesn`t like and she does the same.

there are those who suggest that it should work the other way, but i don`t want to drag my girlfreind to a megadeth concert and she would hate to put me in with a bunch of assholes in cowboy hats.

and holier-than-thou....yeah, never looks good.