Monday, November 23, 2009

the movie projector.

in your mind there is a giant hi-def screen.

on that screen you show yourself things.

and you`ve been doing this all your life.

some of the pictures and movies are really short and so you might not even notice them as they play for you, but the fact remains that you are being played movies and stills that effect your life.

to discover the content of these images means that you have to slow yourself down and be able to visualise internally. this is a process of learning to relax and breathe deeply as you let pictures come at you randomly.

yoga and other forms of mediation use visualisation as part of thier training to help relax. this is a passive from of what i am beginning to describe here.

the active from of visualisation stimulates the mind to discovering our true motives for existance in physical reality, and as you explore this internal reality you will earn to escape the mundane trivial materialistic obsession we call life, that leads us all to distress and disease.

so why is it that some are happier than others anyway?

it`s because they can see clearly what they need to do with themselves and don`t get caught up in mind-numbingly stupid games with other depressed and tired people.

which takes me back to the lists of people who pissed me off.

it was good to write that list and get a perspective on where i had found myself for a while....and see where those people were caught in a spiral of feeding of eachother`s discontent.

makes me cringe to think now.....

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