Wednesday, January 03, 2007

as the new year emerges................

.................i find it important to state that my views are merely an exercise in self-evaluation and anyone who reads these words is to realise these explorations and inquiries are not to be taken as facts.
certainly if one finds that something here is evocative then all the better for discourse, but again, these are only my views and should not be taken as a provocation.
some days there are upwards of 50 people visiting this site and so it is important for me to clarify my position occasionally so that my ideas don`t cause more than the occasional urge to respond with your own brand of reality.

i am actually curious to know how others see the world. i am confident that when i say something that it is accurate in function, but i also know that there is more than one way to skin the cat.........if we must skin cats, and so i am keen to see how others do it.

keep me posted.


whatacharacter said...

well, allow me to take the opportunity to travel down this road abit ...

Always having been aware we are apart of "...something else entirely outside of our ability to understand" I've found myself in the position of of another major personal pole shift - prob the 4th in my lifetime.

having just left a tour of duty in an established church of christianity, I'm back again to the perennial tradition of the accumulated wisdom of time and humanity. The truth-seeking struggle now is to re-evaluate the "something" and find out if God is a personal one, and who or what is listening to my prayers, or not.

What does Jesus mean by "seeking first the kingdom of God"? If, by a miracle, that said plan of salvation is so true, why haven't the masses of believers been truly born again, and shed the false mask of ego, and become a genuine community of charismatic christians?

The troubles of group-think, and power-enslaving postions of leadership are such a major stumbling blocks towards building large interpersonal relationships, but what can ya do? Social connecting is a key element in our personal development as individuals.

I guess it's once more into the breech, and foray into groups, then retreat back to simple homelife for a time ... until we find that cadrie of collegues that can creatively connect.

dr.alistair said...

no truly charismatic person, christian or otherwise, will support a group in the traditional sense. the religious view is of clinging together and sharing beliefs as a way of inuring themselves against threats percieved or otherwise.
the charismatic or enlightened spirit is unattached to the mundane for any length of time and becomes restless eventually in groups where nothing evolves.
to answer your question regarding masses of believers. it is the belief it`s self that restricts the growth. there are so many words used that bind people up and further the religion, or "re-tying", trap.
the clue to what is refered to as the kingdom of god is in how jesus talks about it.
"my father`s house has many rooms."
metaphor for experience and insight.
"the kingdom of god."
consciousness and enlightenment.
the bible is taken by literalists......(humourless dogmatists with retentive issues.) as rules for controlling people. jesus`s message was that the rules are forever broken......find your own way. just as any good mystic would teach. jesus was no guru looking for a following, yet that`s what people continue to do.