Wednesday, January 03, 2007

mission imposssible.

i watched mission impossible III last night and realised why i enjoyed it so much. it reminds me of life. all of the important things we accomplish in life are impossible and aren`t attempted by the majority of the population.

that`s why these things we do are impossible.

like help people get better. lose weight. stop smoking. earn more money. get a better job. learn a new skill. become really good at some old skill. laugh out loud........or even learn to smile.

or even smile in the face of adversity.

and you aren`t supposed to do that are you.

but imagine if you did?

imagine raising laughing, happy children and having effortless graceful friendships and business associations?

imagine meeting challenges and continuing on past obstacles while laughing over something knowing that everything was going to be ok..........that it always has in the past and all the seemingly impossible things are just memories of one more challenge met.

that`s why i liked the movie.


whatacharacter said...

It's been sitting on the shelf, wondering why I'm the only not to have watched it yet. I'll keep this in mind ... and see how much clear minded scientology gets thrown in ta boot!

dr.alistair said...

well, i wouldn`t read too much of a message into it. it`s a well put together adventure action film and cruise manages to get out of his own way enough for one to suspend judgement to enjoy the work.
it is hard to seperate cruise from scientology though, especially since his acting out on tv. last year.
no publicity is bad publicity though.......