Monday, January 29, 2007


i have noticed a prevailing sense of desperation amongst the male of the species when it comes to the topic of women.

desperation, exasperation, condemnation, vilification, resignation...........

you get the idea.

the prevailing view is that somehow they are to blame for all this bad feeling we are experiencing.

i think they are experiencing similar things and are as confused as we are.

my view is that we have been set amongst eachother for fun and profit by those who decide such things.

there are those who, upon reading this, will immediately cry "conspiracy" and wail and wring thier hands and gnash thier teeth.(well, not really......)

the idea that it is in the best interest of some to have us scrapping instead of cuddling on the couch in front of the fire might seem odd to some, but that exactly what`s happening.........

am i wrong or are there not roving bands of single men and women all nattering about how the other caused all the problems and that all men/women are assholes?

yet inside all we want is some companionship.

so who is it that would benifit from this dystopia?


those who sell domestic necessities for the recently seperated.


builders of new homes to house the recently seperated once the settlements are arranged.

and the list goes on.

so, you see, there is some benifit to this stand-off. just not for you and me.


BBC said...

If you go back to our beginnings and get a proper view of this mess you see that men screwed up their minds, then screwed up his womens minds.

And they have been getting back at us ever since. I no longer have faith that they will just be able to hug each other and start over again.

Yup, you need a kitty, I have four here, having a little pussy around is always nice. And a few plants. And a good mate, one of the better ones that don't deflate if you bite her tit too hard.

Hell, the happiest men I know don't have anything to do with women. They live their own quite lives doing what they want to do and don't have any crap to put up with.

They talk to women if around them, but that is all they do. They sure as hell don't want another one.

dr.alistair said...

i deal with screwed up minds all day in my work and i find that most people are looking for a way to unscrew.

i think most people are looking for permission to stop being screwed up and when they find it then all things are possible.

but i will probably settle for a cat right now.

dr.alistair said...

and yes, generations of poor thinking has led to this point.