Friday, January 26, 2007

the fly.

when i moved into my apartment two months ago there were flies on the window sills in all the rooms.

i`m not used to this because of two things;

1) living with a portuguese woman you learn that nothing stays lying around for more than a couple of hours.

2) what the woman didn`t get the cats would eat.

well anyway, there are no portuguese or cats here now, though i do miss my cats, so the flies lay where they fall.

this morning i was at my window looking out upon the washed masses..........they do wash here in least on the outside.............. and i noticed one of the aforementioned aeronauticals moving slightly.

so i blew on it and it moved a little more.

so i very carefully picked it up and while it was sitting in my palm i gently blew warm air onto it.

it woke up!

the little fucker was playing possum. it rubbed it`s eyes and then suddenly shot off into the room and away.

does nasa know about this?

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