Friday, January 19, 2007

the mind.

we are are watching all the time.

we are addicted to imput.

we are afraid to go blind.....and for good reason. we would miss the rest of the show.

we aren`t as concerned about taste or hearing or touch, but to not be able to imput the rich visual feast that is being broadcast 24 hours a day in trillion pixel per nanometer definition?,

well, that`s something we don`t want to think about at all.

so let`s think about this then;

what are we actually seeing when we are being so entertained?

we are seeing what we believe we will see.

a consensus reality.

a sunset is a sunset, a tree is a tree and a dingo is a dingo.............

so the ufo is a glitch in the programming that doesn`t exist.

yet millions of people see them daily.

i`ve seen one or two. i bet one or two of you have too.

so what i`m saying here is that we see what we all agree the we will see and have seen before.

nothing more to see here folks, move along.

so why all the freakin` mind control?

is there something we aren`t supposed to get a look at........behind the curtain?

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