Wednesday, January 24, 2007


this guy believes he has an extra-terrestrial skull. he also has some interesting things to say about darwinian evolution.

i just finished watching a slide show on his site discussing the building of the pyramids. i highly recommend watching it unless you need to believe that the pyramids we built with rollers and ropes.

six million blocks in one hundred years equals one block every eight and a half minutes..........up a sand ramp with rollers and ropes.


BBC said...

I don't believe that there was ever any intervention from beyond Earth?

We are the only living 'intelligent' beings of our like in the cosmos. I'm certain of that, and it's up to us to save our sorry ass selves.

They could have built the pyramids using simple tools, they didn't get built over night you know.

Actually, I don't give a damn how they got built, I want to know how tomorrow is going to get built.

Peacefully, or as a star wars world? If the world keeps going with wars they are fucked.

BBC said...

Oh... And I'm much more interested in if I'm ever going to get some decent sex again.

dr.alistair said...

billy ,i agree with your position in that it does semm that we are alone,at least in the physical dimension......
but when it comes to that huge pile of rocks in the desert in egypt......

.....there ars some things that have to be asked.

firstly, why? then how.........

the sheer scope of a stone age society taking on such an endevour for what end?

to bury a king in? there is no burial chamber in the giza pyramid. niether are there any hieroglyphs.

why then?

how? with sand ramps, rollers and ropes?

as lloyd points out 6 million blocks piled up in one hundred years equates to one block every 8 1/2 minutes.

these stones weight as much as 150 tons.

and the sex thing is a much more pressing issue than pyramids.....