Tuesday, January 02, 2007

stand tall.

in all of our endevours we are doing one of two things. we are either lengthening our spine or shortening it. in the process of which ever direction we choose to manpulate our spines, we effect the length of the spines of those around us too.

this process is buried deep within the code that made us who we are. the dna that we have is as a result of the lengthening or shortening of the spines of our ancestors and as such we are acting out thier dreams and desires and dramas by our very exstistance.

some research into who our grandparents and great grandparents were will reveal some of the health of our spine now and where it will be in the future.

and what you say about who they were is a clue as to how much of this you believe.

there are those who will debate the idea that we live in the shadow of our ancestors, but i will tell you with absolute certainty that as i stood on the ramparts at edinborough castle with the wind coming in off the north sea blasting my skin i could see the sails of the viking ships approaching and i gripped my sword tighter then.

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whatacharacter said...

nice, as I too once stood there, contemplating the refuge it afford those kin who escaped the Normans. South aways in Borders, I was compelled to yank a few hair strands, as we left the ruins of the ancestral keep, and stuffed them in the chinks. Somehow my DNA was under no delusions. Is it any suprise the wailing wall in Jerusalem is wadded with prayer notes?