Monday, January 22, 2007

metaphysical tools.

ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country........

famous bullshit statement delivered to hobble the spirit and bind one to duty to a ficticious entity known as a country. a legal fiction.

i ask you what you can do for you now so that you can live a richer, happier more involved of being a part of things and experiencing the rich resonance of our existance.

the important things of course.

hookers and handgrenades, if that`s your thing........but spend the money, ok?

churn up the good feelings inside. spin them around in a good feeling tornado inside your gut that gets ever larger and faster as you push to think how much better this could feel if you just try to let it build up a spinning determination inside that won`t stop.....

and put yourself first once in a while and smile as you spin up some more intense good feelings driven by your list of things you are grateful for.....because they make you start to spin some good feelings, don`t they?

are you with me so far.

because if you are then you are feeling pretty good about the next thing you have to do.....

but that`s up to you.


BBC said...

It's pretty nice out today, so I'm working on my camper and chopping firewood for Helen. I like to keep her stocked at least a month ahead in case I get sick. It's her only heat.

Damn, now I'm thinking about hookers. Never met a hooker I didn't like even if I couldn't afford them. Or was too cheap to buy one.

But I did in a sense anyway. You know the old saying.

"I don't think I will marry again, I'll just find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.


dr.alistair said...

hey, hookers are great. honsst hard-working girls with a clear understanding of how things work.......

.....much like a fine wine or a new set of strings on the guitar.......

and here`s a tip; don`t buy, rent.

Charles Bergeman said...

Do you ever consider your contribution to the hapiness of others?

Or is your focus only in investing in your own hapiness?

BTW, I am not suggesting you sacrifice your own hapiness for that of another.

dr.alistair said...

charles, good question. i have a responsibility to my own happiness and a duty to ensure that i do no harm to others......sort of a broad-based hypocratic oath as it were.
i believe that someone else`s happiness is thier own trip.
mind you, if they are pleased with what i do, all the better.
i find that association with like-minded types makes for an easier time for everyone. some people refuse to be pleased with anything i do, and i accept that.
i will only go so many rounds with people like that though.
i guess to summerise, pleasing others is a manipulating game in my view.
it`s a good question though makes me think in terms of how humanitarianism and philanthopy have been corporatised and marketed back via funds, foundations and movements as a way of further taxing an already overburdened society.

dr.alistair said...

and i will suggest a book to read that may shed some light on where i am coming from.

i`m ok. you`re ok. by eric berne.

our happiness and the happiness of others, within the context of berne`s hypothesis, is about the games we are playing.
these games decide how we intersct with ourselves and with others.

so happiness is about how our games function. how effective they are.

this is the begining of a conversation......not a complete answer to your question charles.

thanks again for asking it.

Jon said...

Happiness of others? That's their choice. Some are happy to be miserable. Me? Depends on the mood I'm in.