Monday, January 29, 2007

what to say on monday.......

well there are the things of beauty that i`ve fogotten to remember to write about..........

so here`s some.

my youngest boy`s hooded sweatshirt that he forgot to take with him when he left to go back to his mothers........

it hangs on a door knob in the hall until he returns.

the final few days of january. brilliantly cold and inevitably heading for february and then march, by which time we will be turning to spring and the promise of warmth once again.

technology that allows us all to post our musings with seamless ease.

the idea of getting a cat. the idea of getting a little joyful fuckhead to share this space with us up in the tower. it`s becoming more and more appealing all the time.

well, that`s my view of the miraculous for a freezing cold ontario monday. so much for global warming and visions of palm trees along lake ontario.

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