Tuesday, January 23, 2007


people don`t come to see me to find out what`s wrong.

they don`t want to know about this or that procedure or breaktrough therapy.

they don`t want to learn to manage thier issues.

they want persmission to change.

by the time people come and sit on my couch they have had enough.

i make sure that this is true by testing thier attachment to prior behaviour.

then we focus on the vacuum created by thier decision to give up behaviours......and what to put in there instead.

we go behaviour shopping..............

into the motivation store or the attention to detail shop or the stall that has smiling for sale or the time management boutique or the department store that has a bit of everything for the excited consumer of life.

the traditional psychotherapist has a few things to say about this of course.

but that`s because he needs his patients to keep coming to see him for a long time, so that they can make.............progress.

if you took your car in to the mechanic, would you want him to make progress, or fix the car?


BBC said...

Ah !!! In another post you mention I'm OK, You're OK.

Yeah !!!!

I have three copies, but just try to get people to read the only psychology book they will ever need.

As a matter of fact, I did enjoy a hooker once. A really cute little blonde that was super friendly and a very good salesman.

And as good as her word, she was a lot of fun. When I was trucking, in the bible belt. LOL

dr.alistair said...

im ok.......

i read that the first time when i was around 8 or 9. my mother had a copy.

people will only read something like that when thier scrips allow. otherwise they cling to the game for dear life.......or death, depending on the level of game they are playing.

i suggest the book to people occasionally and only one person has ever read it on my suggestion.

i would recommend beyond games and scripts by eric berne. it is a more indepth look at games.

i read it at least once a year.

i think i met that blonde once........