Friday, January 05, 2007

good news.

this just in............

we are perfect.

some are perfect assholes mind you, but perfect just the same.

bless you all in your perfection.

and remember, it`s all a choice, from dick to dictator to just plain potato...........


Charles Bergeman said...

Perfectly said.

Of course, that is not to rule out the possibility that we are not satisfied with our current state of perfection.

In that case, as you say, we may choose another model of perfection to aspire to.

The semantics around such things are such that almost anything can be misinterpreted. And as we get to know one another this happens less often.

Too bad that these kinds of misinterpretations often lead to quick judgements that block further communication.

The rewards come from a willingness to continue dialogue until mutual understanding is acheived.

Thanks for allowing for that to happen.

dr.alistair said...

it is the rush to judgement that causes the problems.

to reserve judgement is to be graceful.

if you do it long enough you create room for all sorts of insights and revelations.

the mechanisms of discrimination and judgement do serve a survivalist need though. we cannot accept all manner of sustenance for fear of poisoning..........but we trust that those close to us wouldn`t do that.

(anthropological metaphor......)

Yves said...

I've just realised that my argumentativeness is not so much directed to your underlying points, but much more to your expression of them, which often offends my pedantic sensibilities.

So when you say that we are perfect, you are assigning a meaning to the word that makes its use redundant. And then the flippant remark which follows takes away the meaning you have just assigned.

And yet (sigh) I do know what you probably mean.

dr.alistair said...

yes, i think you do...........